The Story of the Egyptian Air Force AT-802I/U – Air tractors.

The Egyptian Air Forces Officially operates (12) AT-802i Surveillance & Light Attack US-Made Aircraft, Those (12) Aircraft were gifted by the UAE To Cairo In 2015/2016 To Support Egyptian Army & Air force in the Securing of the Western & Southern Borders, Also To Participate in Counter-Terrorism operations in the Sinai Peninsula.Last Year, It reported that the Egyptian Air Force was negotiating on (12-10) Additional number of the US-Made AT-802U Aircraft, It likely appeared that the aircraft had proved well in the Counter-Terrorism operations in the #Sinai.

A look on AT-802U Equipments & Specifications

The aircraft has 10 points, that can be armed with two 12-mm GAU-19A submachine guns with [2.900] bullets ,as well as no.of GBU-12 laser-guided bombs or MK-82 guided bombs weighing 227 kg ,Also it can be equipped with 12 Hellfire missile, AT-802U aircraft offers higher speed and manoeuvrability than most helicopters, UAVs As It has a maximum speed of 394km/h and stall speed of 169km/h with flaps down. The patrol speed of the aircraft is 333km/h, & the maximum range is 2,414km when fitted with auxiliary fuel tanks.

Also the Egyptian AT-802i are equipped with number of surveillance pods & sighting systems as it showed mounted under it’s nose IOMAX Flexible Pod ,featuring MX-15 EO/IR sighting system.


The AT-802U Aircraft in Maleiz Air base in Central Sinai

It showed by the satellite imagery that AT-802U aircraft stationed at several military airports & bases for #Egyptian air forces, such as Aswan airfield, Ismailia airport, Malez airport in central #Sinai & Siwah AFB which located near the western borders with #Libya.

Satellite imagery shows Three AT-802U Aircraft At Maleiz Air Base in Central Sinai
Satellite Imagery Show Three AT-802U Aircraft At Maleiz Air Base in Central Sinai
AT-802U Aircraft mounted on it Four GBU-12 Guided Bombs during participation in the CT Operations in The Sinai

The aircraft participated in several counter terrorism / smuggling ops near the western borders with Libya and in The #Sinai peninsula ,As it reported that the AT-802U was the aircraft that carried out air strikes on the terrorist elements near Bahriya oasis near borders with #Libya last October.

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